Admission of panic

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    I wrote a few days ago how I had a very nice lady teach me to butcher. I appreciate the responses . . . So I would like to share a funny.

    I was a lot nervous about the whole ordeal, so Grace shows me how to reach my hand up inside the bird and pull. I had already gotten the crop out and loosened up the top half of insides. As I cut around the business end and reach up into the bird, I feel this oval feeling firm thing, I thought " oh my goodness, I accidentally brought one of the hens, there is an egg in here." I really almost screamed! [​IMG]

    Now i know I only brought the boys, but logic was a little out of my reach right then. So, as I started to say it out loud that I feel an egg in there, i stopped myself. I am so thankful I kept my trap shut. It was the GIZZARD!!!!! I was so out of my element with that first bird . . . Whew, lost my head for a second. I recovered, no one the wiser to my momentary insanity.

    Thing is I was so wound up about the entire event, I forgot until now the 5 seconds of panic I had. Now am sitting here laughing at myself. Gizzard or egg?!?!? I definitely only brought the boys to butcher.

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    Hee hee! I could see how you could think that - gizzards are pretty unique, but hard and egg shaped they are [​IMG]

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