Adopt an egg Hatch-a-long. Splash Cochin and Project chicks!



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Jan 29, 2021
WOOHOO Can finally do one that people have a good chance of adopting a real CHICK!!!!!!!!! today is Day 4. All these eggs have something going on. I will post one that I am not sure on right now.

So there are 3 splash Cochin eggs (SC1-3). then 8 project eggs. The project eggs (P1-9) are Cochin/EE mix. They may have beards/muffs look mostly like Cochins but lay green eggs! They should be splash/blue.......

@MochaLatte @Iluveggers @PippinTheChicken @EmmaRainboe @Lenny loves chickens @Buckingham Palace @FeatherFeetFarm @chicklover_3221 @Stacaroni @SilverBirds @Ilovemychicks08 @Auntiejessi3

I tagged those that picked eggs last time. I don't think I have enough for all this time so either first come first gets one. Or you can share if you want.

Here are the choices

P1 @Chickengirl2671
P3 @Lenny loves chickens
P4. @EmmaRainboe
P5 @PippinTheChicken
P6 (this is the one I am not sure if I saw anything or not)
P7 @Stacaroni
SC1 @MochaLatte
SC2 @Lovely Lettie
SC3 @Iluveggers
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Here are a couple pictures from her listing of some of the project chickens she has (so hatched and are now at laying age).


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  • project chicken.jpg
    project chicken.jpg
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