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May 30, 2017
Danville, IN
My husband and I were recently adopted by a hen. We think she was dumped out here as this is apparently prime dumping ground for all sorts of animals. We are somewhat in the country but close enough to a couple major roads that people don't have to go too far. She showed up almost 2 weeks ago and just decided that our front yard was her new home. She slept on top of our cars and laid eggs in our landscaping. Over the Memorial Day weekend I spent 3 days painting and putting together a small coop for her to sleep in at night that's a little safer and drier than the hood of my car in a rainstorm. She has free rein of the yard and even the neighborhood during the day and likes to visit the neighbors. She is a grumbly little hen and she talks constantly. I am brand new to chickens and would love to hear the best advice you have for newbies since I really have no idea what I'm doing. All I have to go by is what I read on the internet. Finding this site has been a life saver!
Welcome to BYC!
Post some pictures of her and the new coop when you get settled in.
Unfortunately the coop was finished after we had some storms blow through. At first she slept on top of the 1972 Chevy truck but when my husband took over the garage to work on his car I had to park my car in the driveway. She decided that she liked the hood of my Passat better than the truck. It was too rounded to get up onto the roof. At first she wanted to sleep on my car out in the driveway during the severe thunderstorms but we convinced her to go check out my husband's car in the garage and after that she refused to sleep anywhere else. She got very annoyed with me while I was painting her coop in the garage because I was taking too long and the car was not in the garage for bedtime. She's hilarious!
Coop.jpg Missy.jpg Missy Side.jpg
It's so good to know that this beautiful little hen found a beautiful forever home. Dumping animals is never a nice act----whether it be a dog or a chicken.

The coop looks great, she looks great and happy and healthy. Looks like your doing a good job!

Welcome to BYC! Please do make yourself nice and cozy here :)


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