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    Jan 29, 2008
    S.W Pa.
    We have a male rottie that is about 6 years old. I'm not absolutely sure because i rescued him myself.
    He had some anxiety issues before i rescued him and all was well for the years where we lived before moving into this country setting.
    Since moving i now have Deacon, Mike's belgian,and over 30 chickens. Mack is also not dealing well with the fact that deacon, allmost 2 y/o now is most assuradly becoming the Alpha male. There is no aggression on either dogs' part but Mack is very anxious over the fact.
    To git to the point, i am now so busy that i don't have the close one on one time to spend with Mack that he NEEDS. As a result, his anxiety issues have reared thier ugly head and he is now quite uncomfortable. He is back to licking his hips excessively and losing weight. because of his anxiety he is also "acting out", getting into trouble doing little misbehavioral things around the house and yard.
    He is very obedient and gentle when he is relaxed and given the one on one attention and love that he needs.
    All i want for him is to be happy and loved and healthy. And all he wants is to be able to relax and play with his big ball.
    This is Mack..aka, Boo............anyone interested ?
  2. If I had the room, I would be all over him. He is so gorgeous! I am so sorry that you have to give him away. I hope that he finds a great home.
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    Apr 19, 2008
    how long ago did you move?..with time and perhaps medication from a vet he will proably get over this,you could also try holistic stuff,some of it has excellent results with animals,maybe just a good bit of running each day would help calm him down,if its not to hot take him for a short bike run( you on the bike) or if you have horses take him with,I always have a dog with when I ride,or train him to fetch,that way if you arent able physically to do these things its great for them,work off some of that emotions and have a little one on one with him.really as little as 15 minutes a day of this may help,you surely have 15 minutes a day for your friend dont you? Just because it isnt easy you shouldnt give up on him.

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