Adult Ameraucana Rooster- CT


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Jul 12, 2013
I live in Ridgefield, Connecticut and have a beautiful rooster that I need to give away. I simply have too many roosters and need to trim down the flock. This rooster was purchased from the local Agway that was selling the Ameraucanas (or Easter Eggers?) as female, but unfortunately the roo was mixed in with the females when I purchased them. He is a little over a year old and has developed gorgeous coloring. He is very friendly and enjoys to be with a group of other hens. He is also very large. Hopefully someone in the area can pick him up and provide him with a good home. Thanks.



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I just looked up brown red amerauacanas. He closely resembles them, but the golden lacing on his chest throws me off. When I blew up the pictures, the legs did appear more slate, but the comb is not a pure pea comb.
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Oops sorry, he could be a Easter Egger, I'm not 100 percent sure of what Agway sells them as. :p Thanks for the response.
Good morning , I'm wondering if you could ship the Roo to Florida. How much would you like to get for him.
Thank you, Glendajoyce
Unfortunaly we no no longer have him, he was sold a short while ago, I'm not sure if we could ship any of our chickens. But thankyou for your interest :)

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