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Apr 24, 2010
NW Alabama
i was wondering if anyone could tell me when it is time to stop feeding starter and grower and change over to a maintenance feed for ducks. i've had a few develop small wing issues and i think its from being on the starter/grower too long. also, i've always mixed my own grains for my birds but it doesn't seem the drakes can handle the extra calcium from the laying pellets. so i will offer the hens oyster shell free choice during the laying season. my question is if i dont have a feed store locally that carries a strictly waterfowl feed, then what am i to do? i can buy whole grains. i just want to know really what is a balanced diet for young ducks coming off grower and a maintenance feed for fully grown ducks. i have ducks and ducklings of all ages and i want to get the exact recipe. thanks. also if you can list percentages to look for and/or name brands.
I wish I could mix my own. I thought it would be cheaer. I did it wants but where I live by the time I bought everything and mixed it up, I was paying $45 for 50 lbs. My waterfowl feed is $29. for 50 lbs of maintance and $22 for 20 lbs of starter. I guess food is just expensive.
Wow Omabird that seems expensive to me. I just bought a 50 lb bag of Nutrena grower and it cost me $14.50! The starter crumbles were slightly higher for a 50 lb bag, maybe @ $16.00

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