Adult ducks & a gosling needing homes within 2 hours of central OK


12 Years
Jun 7, 2007
Central SC (recently central OK)
I help find homes for ducks and geese brought to a wildlife rehabber in central OK - just south of Norman (20 miles south of OK City). They have often been injured when they come to in and then are healed up as well as possible. We can transport them about 2 hours in any direction so could come to you if you are in that distance or meet up with you within that distance. We cannot normally place females alone as there just aren't enough girls to go around. These ducks should not be used for food or for a breeding business. You would need to have some plans for how to keep them safe from predators (they are just as popular with predators as chickens are!) and tell me what it is. They do not require a pond. If you are interested in something in particular, you can let me know and I'll watch for it. We get ducks and geese all year long but especially in the spring and summer.

Currently, we have 5 ducks and a gosling. The ducks include a brown female (maybe a cayuga?) with a little limp, a black female (at least partly runner) with a bad limp, a black male (perhaps with some runner in him??), a male domestic mallard with one unusable wing so he can't fly, and a young female pekin with a crack down the center of her bill (so she will likely need to eat from a bowl but otherwise is fine). I don't know the breed of the gosling or the sex.

If you are interested, please PM or email me ([email protected]) - I'd want to know where you are located or where you would be able to meet, what you'd want the ducks for, and your plans for keeping them safe from predators. Also, what you're interested in. If you are interested but not right now, I'm still happy to hear from you. Thank you for helping ducks and geese in need!
Thought you might like some photos of the ducks. Here are the two girls.

Here are the two boys (sorry for the poor photo).

Here is the young pekin's bill.

I will ask someone to send me a picture of the gosling as I don't have one now. Thanks.

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