Adult Silver Grey Dorkings- Breeding Quad- Fayetteville NC Pickup Only


11 Years
12 Years
Jan 25, 2008
I'm selling my Silver Grey Dorking breeding quad. Three(3) adult females, one(1) adolescent female, and an adult rooster. I frequently sell eggs from these guys for $30 a dozen(including shipping).

Pick up only. Fayetteville NC, could meet in Southern Pines, NC during the week. Cash only.

I am asking $75 for the flock. Feed them well and they will pay themselves off by selling hatching eggs. Please note that even though all the adults are Silver Grey, they sometimes throw Red Dorking chicks, some view it as a bad thing, others welcome the rarer color.

**$75 is buy it now, having the thread converted, didn't mean for it to be an auction. Sorry for the inconveniance. **

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