advice about brooder shavings


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8 Years
Jun 23, 2011
wyandotte, mi
I have an enclosed run, about 96 square feet for 4 chickens. It has been really muddy out since I put them out (about 9 weeks old, out for about 3 weeks). The run is grass. It is becoming poopy, obviously. I am getting ready to dismantle the brooder (fridge box) and thought about dumping the shavings in the run. Will this slowly compost or just make things worse?

It has been really muddy around here since we got record rains for the month of April (almost 9"!) I add bales of straw and blocks of pine chips to the run and around the outside of the goat and chicken housing to knock down mud. You can also lay scap plywood on muddy areas and then chips ontop of that.


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