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    Hi all, I have been looking online for the last few days but cant find a similar experience so would love to hear from anyone who can offer some advice. One of my 16 chicks that I hatched over christmas (He is now 2.5 weeks old) became wedged under the ecobrooder and the wall on a very hot day two days ago. He was limp but still alive when we found him so I cooled him down in a water bath and gave him some gatorade. He couldn't stand at all but cheeped still and was gaping with his beak each time he drew breath. I managed to get him to eat a little hard boiled egg some time later when his temperature returned to normal and we got through the first night with him under a lamp inside the house with us. Yesterday and through last night I fed him about every four hours with a mixture of hard boiled egg, crushed oat and vitamin drops washed down with water mixed with a little salt and sugar and a tiny bit of yoghurt at the end. I manage to fill his crop up and make sure its empty before the next feed. When I pick him up his little body is so weak but he poops everything through and he just sleeps constantly under the light. The gaping beak has subsided a bit and I almost euthanased him yesterday but then he lets out a peep every now and then so I just cant give up on him. We live on a farm so I don't have access to medicinal things so have made home made substitutes so far. I will keep going with him today but I am hoping to see an improvement at some point soon. Does anyone have any other ideas and do you think he will recover from this? Thanks in advance!
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    Just keep it hydrated. It will make it or it won't.
    Chalk it up to experience.
    Eco brooders aren't perfect and aren't mother hens. However mother hens have mishaps that kill chicks.
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    Thanks for your reply and yes, you're totally right.... just looking for words of encouragement I guess ;-(
    No it was totally my own fault with the brooder...I hadn't wound the legs up high enough as they were growing so quickly and as he must have been one of the bigger chicks, he must have got jammed under there somehow. It probably wouldn't have been a real issue if it wasn't a 38C day!!

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