Advice needed - best breed for me?


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Hi, I'm a newbie, both to this forum & to chickens, so please be gentle!

I have read about different breeds & am just getting myself confused, sooo...if any of ya'll could help me, I sure would be grateful!

I have 3 traits in mind: 1) good layers, 2) non-aggressive temperaments, and 3) hardy enough to withstand the god-awful heat & humidity of central NC.

I'm thinking maybe Orpingtons or Austrolarps (please ignore my mispellings!), or am I really off-base...?
hi Bizzy-Bee!

When I started researching I too got all mixed up.

Here's a good place to start I guess (altho' could just mix you up some more!)

I think there are some members from NC here, so maybe some of them will show up and give you some good advice.

I am probably going to go for Rhode Island Red, Easter Egger, Golden Comet, Speckled Sussex & Buff Orpington to start with, and as I learn more would like to try some specialty mixes that are great layers and not too broody.
Hi Orpingtons can be very broody which will inhibit egg laying. Rhode island reds are excellent egg layers and very friendly chickens. They make good pets. Any chicken will be stressed in extream heat over 90 degrees. Make sure you supply plenty of ventalati0on for them with fans ect on hot days. They also are very hardy birds and dont get sick too often. I have raised these rhode island reds for many years.

I think Sex-links are a GREAT breed! I think they would fit your needs too. Not too fat 'n fluffy that the heat will hurt them much. Most of mine are VERY SWEET. Not to mention they are great egglayers! I think red sex-links are the best egglayers. It varies on the chicken though. Also, there are black, red, and gold sex-links. I have all 3.
I've grew up in NC and let me tell you, NC has nothing on Arkansas' heat and humidity.
My brahmas did excellent this summer. Only thing I had to do for them was fans at temps 90 and above and I added poultry electrolytes at temps 100 and above.
Welcome to BYC!
Hi there, I have both buff orps and blk australorps and I would recommend both breeds. They are both good w/handling the heat, very friendly(the buff orps especially), and supposed to be good layers(not quite there yet).
YOU GUYS ARE AWSOME!!! I can't believe I got all these replies so fast!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


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