Advice on hen and chick?


Mar 11, 2018
East Central Missouri
I had a broody that's been sitting on 2 eggs. Yesterday one hatched. Another hen killed and ate it. I've temporarily blocked access to the set of nesting boxes that mama is in with the remaining egg.
I plan on relocating her until this chick (if it hatches) is at least a few days old, if not older. They will be in the flock still, just not accessible.
Can I move her now?
How long do I keep them separated?
Is the other hen killing the chick common enough to where I should have a more permanent setup for hatching out?
Any other advice?
Thank you!


Oct 16, 2018
Jackson, Tennessee
I usually always block off the area if I have a broody. Yes theyve been known to kill, I worry more about the roosters than other hens. Are they confined closely? More space the better.

I never move my broody hens this close to hatching, it can cause the hen to stop being broody. I had a hen who I left the chicks with her and after a few hatched she stopped sitting and the others died before they hatched. Now I remove them as soon as they hatch until they all hatch and either put them with the mother or raise them in the brooder.

In future move broody hen to special isolated area for the whole process or block her off from other hens. Shes less likely to stop being broody if you move her at the beginning, but if you wait a while after she starts sitting, moving her to a new area can cause her to stop being broody and the eggs will go to waste.

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