Advice on my coop build please


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Apr 17, 2014
I would like to start out by saying that I have the carpentry skills of a monkey without the use of his opposable thumbs. Couple that with the mathematical ability of a 3rd grader and you have a disaster waiting to happen. So far, I have managed fairly well and built a platform for my coop....or really small playhouse.

I will upload pictures once I get home this afternoon so you can see where I am in my build, and have a better idea of what I'm doing but I wanted to ask some advice on my ventilation and nesting box plans.

I will have ventilation at the very top of the coop, in the front, about 3 1/2 inches wide that runs the entire width of the coop (6 feet). This will be fixed, by design, and will be open year round. My design is a "Lean to" so the front is higher than the back. The front will also be where the roosting poles will be (Since I can get a higher roost point there). The coop is 6 feet by 4 feet. I will have two "windows" in the front with a seal off for the cold months, as I have read that I don't want a direct draft on the chickens during the winter. These windows will be 24 x 24 inches each.
I plan to have 1 24x24 window above the nesting box, which will protrude out of the side with a hinged roof for easy access to the eggs. I plan to have this window open year round.
On the other side (the other 4 foot section) I plan to have an access door for cleaning.
On the back side, 6 foot section, I plan to have a 36x12 prop window.
Chickens access the coop from underneath via a ramp and 15x15 inch opening.

Sound adequate for ventilation, or should I do something above, or built in, to the access door that I plan to use for cleaning?
Sounds pretty good!

You might find that an 8x8 would make more sense, though. A lot less sawing, because most lumber comes in 8' lengths -- and you don't throw away a lot of 2' scraps that way, so you really don't spend much more. And you will like being able to move aorund comfortably inside, and put a metal garbage can in there to store feed, etc.

Haha on the thumbless monkey! You'll find, I think, you can do more than you think you can. And, of course, a coop is a great place to start -- mistakes aren't such a disaster.

Hint: Screws are a lot easier to take back out than nails are....
Thanks, and I'm using screws!
Again, I'll get some pictures posted when I can gain access to photobucket. (Blocked here at work)
ok, so pictures don't work for me. I see no picture Icon, and BB code is on, but not working?
Oh well.
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Well, you must be doing very well at this point - I don't see a single first aid kit or empty "Liquid Courage" can laying around anywhere, so good job! My husband and I have about your same level of construction skills....if it's electrical there's none better than my Ken but between the two of us couldn't stack a straight sandwich.
I added the
tags to try and load my pictures via photobucket using BB code. However the pictures do not show up for me. Maybe they will for you guys so you can see where I'm at. The picture adding instructions in the FAQ are of no help as I see no icon above the "Post reply" button. In fact, I have no icons at all in my reply box. Just a blank box.


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