Advice please adult hen with a crooked painful toe

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Nov 19, 2020
Hello forum! Can I ask for your advice please? I have a 14 month old hen, never had any health issues, kept in a clean Omlet with a healthy flock of 4 others. Last week I noticed her limping and keeping her weight off her leg. It's not getting any better and I'm not sure what the cause or treatment is.


Her central toe is bent at an awkward angle. I initially thought it was a trauma injury, maybe from fighting, or getting it trapped somehow, not that she or any of the flock have ever had an issue before. However, I've since done research and noticed the scales on her knuckle appear raised, which might indicate 'scaly leg mites', or possibly bumble foot. Can I have some advice please?

I've treated her with iodine for 2 days with no improvement. Should I split? Or treatment as scaly leg mites?


Many thanks,


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If it is bumble foot, she will have a fair sized black scab or plug on her pad. It looks like a broken toe. Depending on how long it's been healing for, if you wanted it straight you might have to break it again, but I do not think that would be a good idea. Even If she does have scaly leg mites, I don't believe they could cause the broken toe. I would treat her and all your other hens though, just in case. Scaly leg mites spread fast and if one hen is having symptoms it is likely that they all are getting them. As for the broken toe, if you really want to and feel that it is best you can splint it with Popsicle sticks and medical wrap but be VERY VERY careful not to wrap it too tight. Spray with anti bacterial spray once every day to ward off infection and check her toe every day to make sure it is warm and getting enough blood flow. If her toe is cold and limp take off the bandage immediately. But again, I think it might be wise to let the toe heal itself. Good luck : )

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