Advice Please!?


Jun 25, 2021
I had six Pekin khaki cross eggs in the incubator for 28 days, I hatched four of those successfully on day 29/30. So the morning of day 30 around 6 AM the fifth egg pipped, ( yesterday) after the others had hatched. Number 6 egg is dead BTW.
I removed the four ducklings today, in about 90 seconds out of the incubator…. And decided if I didn’t see any movement or hear any sounds coming from the fifth egg and I would call it quits and be happy with the four!
I turned the incubator off and took the egg out and couldn’t believe it when I felt then heard the tapping inside of the egg, I immediately candled it and could see that the ducklings beak was close to the PIP, trying to get air.
I returned him to the incubator turned it back on and got humidity and temperature back up within two minutes… I then decided to take the egg back out pull the chip from the PIP to make sure that the hole was big enough or even if there was a hole at all?
( I know…. Don’t yell at me please!?)
Just wondering how much time to give, before thinking this duck might need more help at zipping?
Just FYI, I was on here over a year ago with my first hatch, three beautiful docs, unfortunately one was murdered by a raccoon and I saved her eggs and these are all her kids!
And sidenote, she was born mal positioned and I had to get her out of her shell, she could not walk and I held her legs together with a Band-Aid and that duck could fly 4 feet and clear a fence by the time she was six months old.
Would really like to do right by her with this last duckling!!

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