advice wanted: adding to flock


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Feb 19, 2009
northern colorado
I am planning to add to my free ranging flock of 2 roosters, 1 goose, 3 ducks, & 5 hens.
I will be adding a few full grown hens, 1 rooster, & 1 silkie rooster. (They will be comming at two diff. times, hens then roosters)

If you have any advice as to how to introduce the newcomers... I would appriciate it.


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Aug 5, 2009
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Quarantine is recommended to ensure that your newcomers don't bring in anything to your existing flock. Most people recommend 30 days ( I know, it seems like forever....but it's worth peace of mindand keeping everone healthy). I would quarantine them in the groups they come in......Then you could let them in the coop and/or run together but use some type of fencing, wire et to keep them from getting at each other. Let them see the others like that for a few days. If that goes well you can try to let them be together but check on them to make sure that no one gets bullied too much, all have access to feed and water and that nobody gets pecked to a point where blood is drawn. Some people suggest to 'sneak' new birds in the coop at night when everyone is asleep. Personally I would want to be close when they really are together for the first while....If you check the FAQ's, I think there is a link to introducing chickens.....

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