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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by tacraig07, Oct 13, 2013.

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    Jan 10, 2013
    A couple weeks ago I asked for advice on moving a broody hen. I received excellent advice and now have babies! Now, however, I have more questions. I did get some good advice from one person (thank you!) on this post too but I like to have several options to try! So this is a repost with a different title!
    First how long do I leave the unhatched eggs? Then what do I do with those that remain unhatched? Do they need electrolytes? Also they are 3 days old, should I open her hutch and let the others have access to her or acclimate them later as if I purchased them? We do have cats and there is a hawk nearby. He hasn't bothered the chickens but he has come close to house. And if you think of any advice for a new 'Momma' that I may not have thought to ask please chime in!

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    If all the eggs where but under the hen at the same time and the one that hatched are 3 days old I would give them one more day and candle them just to be sure there was nothing in there. After I was certain there was no more hatching I would move the hen to a inclosure where she would be safe and away from predators and other hens and start them off with starter grower and medicated chick water
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    Jan 17, 2013
    The hawk will and can get the chickens. You should be on alert and present if possible during free range time. Hawks are fast. I have them where I live also so. I go outside with my girls when they freerange. Hawks have amazing eyesight so just be on guard at all times. Hope this helps.
  4. Keep the peeps with their mama and only let them have contact with her for a while. At least for two weeks. One problem you may have is the old chickens using your young peeps for pecking practice. Another problem is all the wonderfully organic, fresh germs and locally grown viruses that your new babies have to chose from in a coop or run filled with adult chickens. Be sure to treat them for Coccidosis before you release them into the general population. For the first week or two the mama hen will do all your peeps heavy fighting for them so they will likely be fine if they have a place to flee to where their aunts and girl cousins can't follow them.

    One other problem I have never mentioned before is the tendency of some hens to carry their peeps to roost in trees before the little guys can fly up to the first tree limb and then work their way on up to mama and her warmth. By the way, if you go out after the chickens' bed time and you spy one of your peeps sound asleep on his mama's back he is most likely a little roo and the top chick in the clutch's pecking order to boot.

  5. 2X the above

    You can rest (LOL) assured that every hawk in the county or parish from the smallest Kestrel to the mightiest Red Tail will be watching your new chicks like the Birds of Prey are ... well like they are hawks!!!
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    As usual, terrific advice from everyone! I love this forum! Thank you so much! We have had 2 more hatch out! I'm going to candle them tonight to see if there are more.

    Thanks again!

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