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    Oct 13, 2009
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    Hi all - I am so "eggscited"!!!!! One of my 2009 pullets has been sitting on a nest for the past three + weeks and I have humored her by letting her sit - tonight I checked her while I was doing chores and she was just crooning and clucking - she has 4 out of 8 eggs hatched! The chicks are healthy looking and she seem like a great mama. Since we have a lot of barn cats, I moved her, the chicks and the unhatched eggs into a cage where she and the babies are safe.
    This is for sure the wrong time of the year in NW Ohio for newly hatched chicks!
    Now the question, with it being so late in the season, should I put her and the babies in the nursery run where I have 10 chicks that are 9 weeks old and still using a heat light? Or, should I take the babies away from her and bring them into the house where I can keep a closer eye and steady temp on them? I hate to take them away from her since she has done such a great job in getting them this far!
    This is a complete surprise since I have never had my own hen actually hatch eggs before!
    Any advice and hints are welcome - I don't want to lose any of them!
    Thanks in advance!
    Mr. Wooster is sure proud of himself!!! Guess he can take care of 22 hens all by himself!!!!

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    Do not put them with the other babys. She will try to kill them.

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