advise needed asap for my poor lone chicken


6 Years
Apr 17, 2013
hello (need advise asap)

i have had three chickens for three years now, one of my girls died last year and i found one of my other girls lying peacefully under her favourite tree last night she had passed on

i now only have one of my girls left and i dont like to see her on her own in case she is getting lonely!!
me and my dad are unsure of what to do, we have had thoughts of finding her a new home and getting 4 new chicks
i will be sad to give her up!
so i need to no from and expert chicken keeper........ is there anyway i can introduce a new hen to her now that she is three years old? or is it best to re home her and start fresh ( that would be very sad for me )

moggyboggy. x
Greetings from Kansas, moggyboggy, and
! Pleased you joined us but sorry to hear you are down to a single chicken. To introduce new birds to the single hen or to rehome the hen and start fresh is a tough question. For you the easiest thing to do would be to rehome the hen and start with new birds. But I also think this would be hard on your hen as she would have to get used to new mates AND a new home. If you integrated birds with her, at least she'd have to only get used to new friends, not a new home as well. Bringing in new birds can be tough. Make sure they are fully feathered. Give the hen and the newbies close visual access but not actual contact for a few days - like through a fence. Maybe let then free range together to observe their interaction. When it looks like they can be put all together, put the new ones in the with the hen into the coop at dark - they won't fight in the dark. In the a.m. at first light, let them out right away so no one is trapped. If the new birds are old enough they might gang up on the hen. If they are young, the hen will assume top spot of the pecking order. Squabbles and pecks are to be expected but if one if really getting picked on or if blood is drawn - either on one of the newbies or the hen - you will have to start the process over again. Sounds daunting but chickens are social and I believe they will adjust. Good luck to you - keep us posted!!
thank you for your great advise flock master!!
i will try her on her own and see what happens in a few days, we will look for a nice new caring home as well but if we cannot find one then we will look into finding her a new flock

thankyou again and i will defo keep you posted :D
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