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    Jun 23, 2011
    Last Monday I went to let my ducks and chickens out to find daisy duck unable to get up, mouth breathing and a slight runny nose. I took her straight to the vet and he thought Newcastle disease. She was given antibiotics and I was told to return 3 data later. In this time I have syringe fed her, given her mess, supervised her time on water. I took let to vets last night where I saw another vet. He thought it is a leg injury maybe strain it break and breathing is down to pain. He gave her a jab of metacam and said if she is standing in morn we will know. If not she will need x rays. This morning there is no difference even in her mouth breathing. I now have to make a judgement call on her welfare. The x rays will cost 120 pounds. He said this may or may not show anything. She is ob in distress but she is my beloved duck and she is only 15 weeks. Please give me some advise in what I should do [​IMG]
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    How is your duck doing?

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