African geese gender


Aug 8, 2021
Hey y'all I was wondering if y'all could tell me the gender of my babies? They are African geese and I had five. Boomer was my boy. He was huge. Hand fed him and bathed him,he was my baby. Tweety ( we r unsure of gender on him?) Also a sweety, met a horrific fate last Sunday. They were eaten by coyotes. I am heartbroken and devastated. I failed them. So,I am determined to know everything I need to for them! First, I need to know the remaining gender,lol. I'm almost positive my Boomer was a boy,he was huge. The biggest one,and he was the one they followed. Now I THINK I have two boys and a girl. Could you help me please?


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I think you will need to wait until they are older. Males will be bigger with longer necks. Males will also honk. Hopefully someone more familiar with this breed can help.

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