African Goose or Brown Chinese?


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Sep 5, 2020
HE is beautiful. The old is it African or is it Chinese discussion. My guess is a production African. True show quality Dewlap Africans had a low reproduction rate so production breeders kept the ones that produces the most eggs and offspring and hit weight the quickest. the more they breed that way the more Chinese looking they became. but the weight is a dead give away. The straightness to neck and flatten head say African to. It could be a girl but the lack of a pronounced lobe and smoothness to his breast kind say Boy if he is more than one year old. Hif he has a high pinched bugle that is a good sign of boy also ispecial if he dose it when he is calling the chickens. All my girls tend to have honky pitch.
He's just about to turn 1 in the next week. I'm going to get him on a scale this week just to know how much he weighs thanks for the fun facts. It seems that were gonna have him for a long time then.


Aug 8, 2021
Hello Everyone,

Last March I got a gosling Gus Gus or Goose Goose as my sister named him, he was sold to me as an African goose but looking at pictures I do not think he's an African goose, he looks more like a brown Chinese. Well I only got him (I say him but I'm not sure, so if someone can help out letting me know if he's really a gander that would be awesome :)), and he herds my chickens, but he seems lonely. Hence why I am trying to figure out if he's a African or Chinese, so I can get him a friend. Also, does anyone know why he has a patch where he is missing feather's on his chest, but not his down, I've checked him for mites or other bugs on his skin and have not found any so I'm not too sure why he's missing those feathers. Anyways below are some pictures of Gus Gus the goose. Thanks! View attachment 2550655 View attachment 2550658
Hey I have 3 of those! They are African! And my Africans are a bit aggressive,but are also so sweetđź’•.

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