Jun 13, 2022
Hey all! I got my “Toulouse” goose April 2nd of this year. He (don’t actually know if he’s a he😅) is clearly not a full Toulouse, I have never had another breed. I am thinking he is an African goose or maybe African/Toulouse mix. He does have a little orange coming through on his bill, but I’m not sure if that is normal for African? Please let me know what you all think! Thank you guys! Also feel free to post pictures of your babies in the thread, I’d love to see them!


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Looks just like my African/Chinese, who may also be mixed. (I have no idea how to tell the two apart.) They do have a bit of an orange rim at the base of their beaks but not quite as big as yours.
Depending on the mix, African as I understand tend to be a bit heavier than the Chinese and are typically crossed with the heavier breeds. The Chinese will be a bit slimmer, longer neck (in appearance) I believe. White Africans have orangish knob, but if they told you Toulouse I'd say you're probably correct that it's a Toulouse Chinese/African mix.

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