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    Jan 1, 2008
    I have three sebbie geese currently. I had two hatch out on Easter-a boy and a girl. They were about 5 weeks old when the boy suddenly died [​IMG] and I wans't sure why. Broke my heart and his sisters heart she was lonely. I had the geese in with some chicks the same age, but they started plucking the chicks feathers out and one chicken actually died so I had seperated them.

    Well I had one week old gosling and one that was only a couple days old and I decided to see what would happen if I put them in with my older girl, because she was so lonely. I feared she'd hurt them, but instead she took to them like a mother hen! They love each other and have been in the same pen for a few days now. They cuddle all over each other and I've always been told not to do that...but glad it worked out because no one is lonely now! Its the cutest darned thing to see the three all entwined with eachother!
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    I am glad you had a good outcome too! I was worried about putting my 2 smaller with the 3 larger that were only about 10 days different in age. I was so surprised when the bigger ones stepped in and started mothering the little ones. They all live happily together now. [​IMG]
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    thats good to know i have to some geese i have to put together

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