Age Limit until Going Outside?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by chickenlovefever, Jul 19, 2011.

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    Jul 19, 2011
    I have a batch of chicks that hatched, and the first that have hatched are around 3 days old now. I still have more hatching, and all in all I will have about 19 chicks (Out of 22, Don't I feel lucky!) and they are currently housed inside. They peep and brawl all day and all night and keep everyone in the house awake, and everyone wants them out of the house-ASAP. This is my second batch of chicks, and my first batch of 9 is currently housed outside, and they are around 25 days old.they are starting to grow feathers and do just fine in the little teepee sort hut they have, made from two screen doors and made impossible for any snake or critter to get in and any chick to get out. when it rains, i put a tarp over top of the pen. My QUESTION is, if it is normally around 85-95 degrees outside now, and i have 3 week old chicks out there now, how old do my second batch of chicks have to be before i can put them outside? Like I said, they are a nuisance to everyone else in the house. I still have a lamp on them now, but I want to see how soon i can put them outside.
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    We keep them in for 3 weeks then out they go to get hardened of.Some do it at 2 weeks,some more.
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    I started my chicks in an outdoor brooder setup. I didn't start switching off the light until they were 3 weeks and had their chest feathers. I'd switch it back on when the temperature dropped below 75 up until they had their head feathers.

    If they're driving you crazy indoors, perhaps it's time to put together an outdoor brooder [​IMG]

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