Age of appearance of wry tail?


Oct 20, 2017
Northern NH
I have 6 chickens approximately 11 weeks old and just noticed yesterday that the tail on one of them is tilting to the right. On reading, it looks like wry tail, which write-ups say is usually genetic. But I'm confused by the timing of the appearance - I'd expect a genetic defect to show up earlier, or more gradually as she grew. She's probably about 1/2 of her adult weight, maybe a little less. On the other hand, I do see other people mentioning a wry tail appearing at a few months, so maybe this is normal.

So my question is: Is this the usual presentation of genetic wry tail (appearing at an age of a few months), or is it more likely to be an injury or disease (tumor etc)?


Apr 3, 2019
Central New Jersey
I’d like an answer to this question. My 13 week old cockerel was looking normal one day and the next day, I noticed his tail was tilted to the right. Makes me wonder if it broke and if so, what I can do to help him.

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