Age of hens?

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    I bought some Sussex hens and I was told these were around 1 year old. So I expected them to still be laying. To my surprise I only get 1 egg every three days in total from 5 hens. I am starting to think these birds are older than 1 year. How do you tell the age of a chicken? Is there a way?

    edited: they are on the farm now for 3 months.
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    They're new.... they have to settle in..... pics???
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    Apart from their age there are a few causes of non-laying. They may be molting (stress induced by the move), they may be sick or have some internal or external parasite problem that hasn't shown itself yet. They may not get the required nutrients from their feed, you didn't say what you are feeding them? If they free range they may be hiding their eggs somewhere or losing them to a predator or pest like a mouse... Some more causes here:

    Hope you get this figured out!

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