Age of TSC Chicks

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by mommto3kiddos, Mar 11, 2011.

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    Under a week old. Very little development of the wing feathers there. ETA: The yellow ones look maybe a couple days older than the others.
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    Apr 20, 2010
    [​IMG] From my TSC...and they are the ones in the pic plus more of the same... The yellow were "Tetra Tint" and the reddish ones are "Golden Comets". Now the "red" ones somewhere else could be something like RIR or PR or such...but mine are Tetra tint and golden comets.

    Hope it helps! [​IMG]
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    Mar 10, 2011
    Was in TSC last week, on a total impulse buy I bought two little RIRs! Since Ive brought them home I have become hopelessly hooked, they are just a tad over a week old now and they are wonderful! Ive been reading up on the breed and chickens in general, but nowhere i can find does it tell me when they are coop ready, i don't want to put them out too early, nor do i want to put them out too late! I will have to post pictures of *Crimson and Cream* soon [​IMG] !

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    Thanks for asking this question. I have always wondered what the age was of the chicks and I think I asked last year and they said they did not know. I got 6 of the red pullets last year and 5 were KIA because of predaters! My lone red lays an egg everyday rarely skipping. This year I got the light Brahma's straight run.
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    I would say you have what is commonly referred to as "red star" or "red production" -- they are a hardy cross that will give you an egg a day. TSC often sells those and leghorns. The red star and black star can be sexed easily so if they were in the pullet bin they probably are pullets. Your cornish hens may be meat birds -- if they are expect them to grow very fast and eat A LOT of food. They won't move around as much as the others.
  6. debakadeb

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    Apr 8, 2008
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    Quote:I like waiting about 6 to 8 weeks to put my chicks out - you don't want them to be able to go through the fencing and you want it to be warm enough. When you put them out will depend to a degree on where you live. On a different note, when I had hens hatch out chicks, they had them out in 20 degree weather ... but they can get them warm quickly and I feel that those chicks tend to be hardier than those that don't have a hen to mother them and teach them 'chicken ways.' You'll actually know. When they want to fly around your house and generally poop every where...time to go outside to the big house [​IMG]. You may need some heat depending on your weather.
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    The cornish are going to feather out and grow a lot faster than the other chicks. "Tetra Tints" I take is just a hatchery name for a sexlink that they are developing. Cinnamon Queen, Golden Comets, seems each hatchery has their own name for them. Most of the chicks at TSC are a could of days old, unless they just aren't selling well (my TSC can't keep enough of them in the store!) The bantams I got on Wednesday had no signs of feather development other than fluff. One still had what appeared to be some yolk on it's one eye.

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