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Sep 11, 2013
I have 3 pekin ducks,all females 2 younger ones have become aggressive to each other.! I recued , 2 I raised since 3days old everything was great until 2 weeks ago. They are about 3yrs when They began making a honking noise when they see each other and 1 grabbing the others beak ,bloody and damaged. They only stop when separated in doors. now spaced apart by a black screen
Outside they have several ponds, food for waterfowl, lettuce, A life for lucky ducks ? Any ideas? I have had ducks long time and never have this kind of experience Hormonal, territoral ? Thanks mikeru
I am seeing some strange behavior in my three year old ducks this summer, too. They have always been friendly together. This year, my broodies are especially cranky and pick fights with each other and the other ducks. sigh. I have two ducks who are good at breaking up these fights, which are - I am blessed - just shoving matches, forehead to forehead, breast to breast, lots of screetching. Anyway, Zwei and Vier break it up. But then Vier will pick on a broody when she's on the nest. I think Vier is worried that it's too late for a hatch, actually. My flock are amazing.

If the ducks are hurting each other, the only thing I can recommend is separating them and observing, try to see what is stressing them and make some changes. Sounds vague, but changes could be adding another feed pan, increasing the size of their night shelter or pen, more treats, etc.

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