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Jan 26, 2007
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I have posted bf about BK our half feral barn cat. Recently she had kittens, and hid them, we have never found them. We also believe, as does the vet, that she might have been carrying a dead, mummified kitten around in her for a while. The vet gave her a couple of shots of oxytocin to help her along when she was having her kittens, but he said she still had not delivered one. He did not believe it would be any big deal in the short term although she will have to be spayed soon. WE are waiting for that in the assumption that she does have kittens somewhere who need milk for a few more weeks. Her teats have been full of milk, and then empty, but no kittens to be seen. Recently she has been incredibly clingy, she is on my heels all the time, trying to get into the house, and constantly attacking our two cats, dog, chickens and peacocks. Especially our cats. This is creating some problems as neither of them are really willing to fight back, and she is stressing them out. We have had both of them for years and are getting concerned that they might leave if she does not leave them alone, or, that we will have multiple vet bills. Can hormones be causing this extreme change in her personality? She has never been very friendly to other cats, but not to this extent. She has even driven away the other feral cats, including her brother, from the neighborhood. I guess I could ask the vet this but just curious what others think? Should we go ahead and get her spayed now? The dog basically ignores her and the chickens and peas just run or fly away from her, her attacks at them are pretty much half hearted, so we are not worried about them, but I am getting frantic about Inky our big baby male cat, especially. We would be heartbroken if he decided to leave because of her. I have not seen him all afternoon,.
He is everyone's baby in our house...
Momma cats often try to clear the field by scaring off any other creature away from their babies. She sees them as threats and no threat is allowed near her babies.

But she knows that your the head honcho and is sucking up to you so that you won't hate her babies.

I'd try to find the babies. Then lock her and them up for a few week, then get her spayed.

Once she is spayed then her hormones will return to normal. (Which for some cats is calm and others is evil.)
Yeah, she'll be normal, she was bf. I can't spay for at least two more weeks b/c she'll lose her milk, and the kittens, if there are any left, need their mom. Believe me, I wish we could find the babies, that's all we need is more feral cats running around. We've looked and looked for the kittens, to no avail. I'm pretty certain they're outside somewhere.

Thanks for the advice, all.
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