Aggressive drake towards us

Oct 19, 2021
Medicine Hat , alberta , Canada
Day 2 still sitting on the eggs
Here is a picture from this morning and also just now as I have installed a camera so I can monitor her without bugging her
I have also included a picture of my boy who is very bored and lonely with his wife sitting n her nest lol so he got special treatment of coming up to watch tv with me
When he is in the pen area he is very protective and has got me a few times but when I brought him upstairs to hang out he was completely back to normal and being the sweetest duck :)
I can’t fault him for having natural instincts to protect her and he nest. I just really watch how I move around in their area.


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Oct 19, 2021
Medicine Hat , alberta , Canada
When the ducklings begin to hatch, it would be safer to provide mama and her babes some protection from dear ole dad. Maybe fencing so dad can't injure the ducklings. Drakes can be unpredictable. They are beautiful ducks ❤️
Thank you
I have heard it’s best
I have pet fencing bought and ready to put up
They can see each other but he won’t be able to bother her and the little ones
Would you say around day 24-25 in case a baby comes early or before that ?

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