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  1. I own 4 Muscovies, 3 ducks and 1 drake.

    I've hadled them since I got them (they were a day old). They are now 20+ weeks old.

    The females come close, but are timid. They don't like being pet. They can tolerate being held.

    My drake, he hisses and puffs up. He will walk across the yard just to come up to you. He will walk right up beside you, hissing, and attack you. His bites hurt. He's already attacked one of my dogs. My dogs tolerated him, now they are terrifed of him. I'm afraid that he will bite my older dog and he won't tolerate it and bite back killing him.

    He seems to tolerate me more than anyone else. He seems to hate my Mom the most, who insists on being a pain and tormenting my duck [​IMG]. She doesn't get it.

    When I pick him up he's fine. I can pet him, touch him etc. He just sits there in my arms 90% of the time.

    For him to stop coming up to people or my other animals to attack, I have a carrage whip I use. I don't hit him with it, or even snap it. When he gets close, I shoo him away with it. Some times if he doesn't go away, I may tap him lightly. He knows what the whip means now. If I have it in my hands, he won't bother anyone. As soon as I reach for it he knows to move away.

    I'd really like him to not have this aggressive behavior. I'm willing to spend a large amount of time and patience into getting him to be less aggressive if I can. Any ideas?
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    Take time to see how he acts around the females. If he being aggressive when you come near him, his property (territory), his females, his home or his food or water.

    Try a bunch of scenarios, remove him from his females into known teritory, if he is scared, it wont be just you he becomes aggressive too, if he is still aggressive towards you, then you know it's not the territory. Next, try giving him some treats from your hand or very close to you, is he is aggressive as you give him food, then you know he can't be won over with food, with the treats, take them away from him, is he is suddenly very aggressive, then he is possesive over his food. Or you can try picking up one of the females, how is he then?

    Anyways, try a bunch of these "tests" and see which one he responds to the most, then, you can narrow this down and learn what to do/not to do.

    Also, how old are you, because he may feel as though the older/taller people are more of a threat to his territory. Are you and your mum relitively the same size/height. If you find he is more aggressive to taller people, then you can get your mum or someone that your duck finds a threat and have him/her feed the duck treats. Teaching that duck that people are there for good.

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