aggressive hen or normal behavior?

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    so I went out early this morning, before sunrise (around 5:45) to see my crowing rooster. He just learned a few weeks ago [​IMG] Anyway, I was noticing a particular hen that was very aggressive toward the other girls. At first she looked like she was trying to "mount" the other girls, and I thought maybe she really is a roo (most of my chickens are only 22 weeks, so not laying yet!) I checked closer, and believe she really is a hen, but she kept pecking the other girls and fighting with them.

    My question is: at what point do I not consider this normal behavior developing "pecking" order, and isolate her from the other girls?

    btw, I have 2 roosters with beautiful crows, and one that hasn't started crowing yet! so far, I love that sound!!
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    Quote:I wouldn't seperate her unless she is drawing blood - in which case you'd need to seperate the bloody one too. They'll have little squabbles their whole life, especially if a lower ranking member steps outta line.
    Once your roosters are old enough to "man up" and one of them has claimed the spot of alpha rooster, it's very likely he will step in on these hen squabbles and put them both back in their place.

    For the most part, I've let my flock work out their pecking order issues on their own. They know what they're doing and how their flock dynamics work a whole lot better than I ever will.

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