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Oct 1, 2014
Our chickens (hens) are housed in a converted swing set overnight and pretty much allowed free ranging for the majority of the day. They have been laying quite consistently for the past six months and over the past month or two they have started to become quite aggressive towards all of us.
I go out to hang the washing on the line first thing in the morning, and they used to wander around at my feet, chatting, but lately they have started to peck at me, even flying up to peck at my stomach.
They are also quite aggressive towards my kids when they are out in the backyard, sometimes when they go to feed them.
Would love to figure out a way to stop them being so aggressive without having to build a bigger cage and keep them locked up for longer.

PS We are in the tropics in Australia, moving from winter into spring (if that makes any difference :) )

Thanks in advance.

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Apr 23, 2014
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What breeds are they? Sometimes I've noticed that hens who start laying are more cranky. Other times cranky hens get more friendly after they start.

Anyways, the best way to tame them is to simply spend time with them each day. Start by standing and just talking to them. Then squat down, talk and put some treats on the ground around you. After a while of this, start hand feeding them while talking.

Good luck and welcome to the flock!

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