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Apr 22, 2020
when i got my chickens i didn’t know if they were boys or girls. i now know that atleast 2 of 12 are roosters because they have began to crow. they are also older than the others. one of them keeps attacking one of my younger chickens. i don’t know if the younger one is male or female yet. they are just getting used to being outside. they have been living in the garage and it has been so cold. but we just finished their coop and they have been coming outside the past couple days because it had been super warm. it seems like he only attacks out here and not in that garage. the one that keeps attacking is an americauna and is 12 weeks and the one it is attacking is a silkie and it is 11 weeks. how do i go about this and how do i stop it because he’s going to hurt my other chicken. he has picked it up and threw it down with his mouth yesterday. i’m scared ones going to get hurt. the rooster is only aggressive towards the other chickens. he lets me hold him and he follows me around everywhere.
So far he's only aggressive towards other chickens, but he is only 12 weeks old. That can change as his hormones are just starting to kick in.

Cockerels mature more quickly than pullets. They can be rough on other cockerels their age and brutal to same age pullets and younger flockmates. With no older, mature birds to kick his butt around and knock some manners into him he's free to cause chaos in your flock. If you want to try to keep him he needs to be separated.

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