Agressive 4 month old roo, How long to cook? *pic*

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    Hes only 4 4 1/2 months old. He attacked me in the face and gave me a bloody nose. Then almost killed my other roosters when put into a grow out pen for freezer camp. Sad, he was so nice looking! So his fate had come, hes been resting for a couple days, about 4 now. Hes been brining since lastnight. Id like to put him in my ceramic dtch oven in the oven tonight with carrots,potatoes and onions.

    He was a french black copper maran.
    Nastiest rooster i have ever owned.

    1.) What temp and how long for??
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    That's actually not a bad looking carcass [​IMG]. gives me hope for my Marans cockerels, I hatched a crapton of them this year and only 1-2 will be kept as breeders, so.....[​IMG]

    Ridgerunner cooks his that way, I can't remember how long right off but I'm thinking something like 325 for 3 hours, then check and see how tender it is.

    Mean Roosters Taste Better [​IMG]

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    If you want to cook him all night, don't go over 225°.

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