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9 Years
May 29, 2010
I have a Sussex that is constantly bullying her sister. Her sis will be sitting down in the shade and the sussex will come up and bite her head. She won't let go either! Her sis doesn't run away either. She squawks when she gets bitten and puffs up, but other than that just sits there and lets her sis bit her over and over. eventually she will get up and run away after a minute or two. They are both on the middle of the pecking order. The pecking chicken only acts that way towards her sister, but none of the other chickens. Can someone help explain this situation?
As long as no blood is drawn, I attribute it to normal pecking order business.

My unofficial explanation is that she cannot BELIEVE that her sis won't move when she SAYS (foot tapping...) to move.

I have some in the middle of the pecking order that act like that too- I am hoping they will grow out of it as they are still pullets and haven't even begun laying.

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