Agressive Indian Runner Duck

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by SamSimone, Nov 13, 2014.

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    Aug 19, 2014
    Hi Guys,

    I've got an Indian runner duck, who is 7 months old now.
    He lives in my backyard with our chickens.
    A few months ago he started to try to mate with me or my sister.
    At first we thought it was funny, but it's really not anymore.
    I took him to a group of wild ducks and they got along really good, but he doesn't want to mate with them, just with people.
    I think he is getting really frustrated, because the biting is getting harder and he is getting way more agressive.
    He bites my feet when I walk through our backyard, and when I try to pet him he bites my hands and even tries to bite my face.
    I'm covered in bruises, so something really needs to happen.
    I've seen a post like this, and people said it would help to sit on his back (not really on him with any weight) en hold his nek and head down to the ground, and just stay like that for five minutes.
    If I do that he stops attacking me for one minute, and then just continues.
    Does anyone have any tips because I'm really lost.

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    Your risking him catching something by taking him around wild ducks. Sounds like he needs a mate asap, why not get him a couple girls, If you don't next he'll be trying to mate with your chickens which will be a death sentence since ducks and chicken are not made the same way for mating. Look on craigslist and also some hatcheries will sell only a couple ducks which is what he needs, My one drake I raised after his mother rejected him and boy when he became about 4 months old he would jump on my back climb my leg etc. he bit me alot, I started carrying the broom with me when I would go outside and when he would come over and start his craziness I would put the broom between him and me and not let him get close also would use the broom to push him out of the way if he acted aggressive. It's not their fault they are confused as to what they are and what they should be mating with. Once my drake realized he wasn't going to have his way with me and I got him some girls of his own he calmed down alot. I have used the holding technique on my drakes also just as another drake would do. I put one hand behind his neck and the other down close to end of his back I make him lay down on his belly and keep him there until he calms down. I have seen my drakes do this to each other by just standing over the other one it will cause them to be submissive for a while, Anything I have done to my drake has always been done with out any harm to him other than hurting his ego which needed to be taken down a notch anyway. This just proves ducks especially drakes need others of their own kind to mature into normal ducks. It doesn't mean they can't still have behavioral problems but it sure helps.
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