ahh it finally feels like summer to me!

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    Jan 11, 2010
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    i got my first job when i was 16, i worked at a skating rink, than a few other places. last year i was fired from my job of 3 years (no fear clothing co.) because they wanted me to quit school, i said NO WAY! [​IMG] so i've only been going to school and trying to keep my grades up. my parents and i have an agreement that i don't have to work because i go to school. (i've spent 4 years at a 2 year college, i want out! LOL) soo anyway, all i really do is take care of my animals. i don't have moeny to do anything, which is fine cuz i don't really have a lot of friends to go out with anyway. so summer hasn't felt like summer to me till yesterday!!!! i went to the beach!! yess i'm sunburned, but i love it cuz it feels like summer to me [​IMG] not to mention the weather is playing a part in that now too. it had been a bit cold for summer.

    call me crazy, but summer is my favorite season [​IMG]

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