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Ahhhh! Finally here

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by cluckerkeeper, Nov 16, 2013.

  1. cluckerkeeper

    cluckerkeeper In the Brooder

    Sep 25, 2013
    I have been on maternity watch all day yesterday and through the night.

    There are 5 out and 2 pipped which I think is a great hatch considering they are shipped egg - and 10 made it to lock down .

    It looks like 2 Blue and 3 Splash Marans in color.

    3 haven't pipped yet but I am still hoping for activity. Thank you Frost Homestead for my beautiful little chicks.

  2. ozexpat

    ozexpat CocoBeach Farm

    Sounds like you are doing everything right. Well done!!
  3. AK Baha

    AK Baha Songster

    Jul 10, 2013
    Anchorage, Alaska.
    Very nice.[​IMG] Can't wait till I can do my first hatch.
  4. SilkieMomma

    SilkieMomma In the Brooder

    Oct 5, 2010
    How exciting!
  5. cluckerkeeper

    cluckerkeeper In the Brooder

    Sep 25, 2013
    Thank you!! This has been so exciting. I have hatched before but not for a few years and I kept second guessing myself.

    The hatch is over now. The last two chicks that had pipped are out, one splash and one blue. Then I checked the other 3 eggs.

    Of those one hadn't made it through the proper development (those dark eggs are hard to check). One died in the shell (very sad) and one pipped the small end and couldn't get out but was alive and trying. So I took out the tweezers, put on my glasses and picked enough to get it's head out. It's a Blue and now laying on the incubator floor 1/2 in and 1/2 out of the shell. It will need to dry more
    before I work anymore to get it out. Hopefully it can do most itself but it did shrink wrap a little. The rest are now in the brooder and doing great.

    Thanks for the moral support everybody and AK Baha.... Howdy! We go to Kenai/Kasilof in the summers and I am planning on bringing these babies up there this summer. I'll have to vet check them but I really want a few of them up there. So if the process isn't too difficult they are making the trip with us.

    Good luck to you when you get your first hatch.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2013
  6. cluckerkeeper

    cluckerkeeper In the Brooder

    Sep 25, 2013
    Update. The little chick I helped out was all dried and fluffy and walking around when I got back home after a nice dinner out. So there are 8 healthy chicks, 1/2 of them Splash and 1/2 of them Blue.

    It's so nice to have chicks again and I love seeing them walk around and then plop down under the light to sleep. Time for me to do the same.

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