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Nov 23, 2011
Fayetteville, WV
Has anyone ever dealt with eggs with the air cell on the pointy end of the egg? are these even worth incubating? or is it possibly something the post office did? can you hatch them if you turn them pointy end up?! just curious, because I think thats what happened to my last hatch. All six eggs had air cells on the pointy end.
I'm not sure about the pointy end. My last hatch had most of the air cells kind of on the side, but was not on the pointy end.

I think if you have room, why not try? I'd probably set them with the fat end up for a couple days and see if you can get the air cell to move there.
I have one with the air cell on the pointy end which had it on the bottom in the uncubator before I discovered it. I just turned it over and not it is pointy end up with the air cell on top. This was not a shipped egg so I have no clue why it is like this. Will let you know how it goes.
my 3 month old roo's air sac was at the pointy end and he's a blue andy/banty cross and was hatched from a banty egg under banty and i had to help him out i think he was just ran out of room and steam once he pipped the wrong end he looked like one of those people you see that can get into those tiny cubes but he's ok and acts just like a normal chick

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