Air in 2 week old's crop?!?!?!?!

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    So, I just got my Wyandotte the other day from a lady who breeds them. My chick is 2 weeks old, and on the first day I noticed an a large air bubble developing. I could see through her skin into her crop (with or without food in it) and she has a patch of missing feathers/fluff in the area. It's kind of like a creepy window on my chicks chest. The first day I tried to work it out by massaging it downward ( nothing happened massaging it upwards) It seemed to have dissipated over night; however, by mid day it was back. Now, I wanna say it is air, but honestly, idk ( it could be gas build up from sour crop). I just got her, so I do not know how long this had been going on for. I worked it down again, and it came back the following day (today). Tonight I tried to work it out, but nothing happened. I gave her a little plain organic Greek yogurt after taking away her food. I also removed her pine chip bedding (so she would not eat it), and made sure she had fresh water with electrolytes, Vitamins, & probiotics befor going to bed to see if it would go down over night. Is there a way to empty their crop when they are this young? I'm seriously worried about her, any advice or tips would be appreciated. Please & thank you!!!! I'm so worried about her.[​IMG]
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    From what you are describing it is most like an air sac.
    @casportpony has a great thread/article and some "how to" tips.

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