Air sack flopping ?


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5 Years
Apr 20, 2014
Day 15 here. I've noticed when this one egg is on its side the air sac is normal. But when I go to candle it the sac flops around. Is this normal


Here is what I am seeing . When put on side the air sac goes back to the lines.
=\ well dang it... I guess all of mine are no good then. I'm bummed. Thanks for the answer. Guess I will have to find a new seller.
What could have caused this to happen? I followed exactly what the seller said. I think they might have gotten damage from shipping because I could tell early on they were all no good.
Shipping probably did it although I would not think every egg would be bad. I incubate shipped eggs all the time--I usually get between 4-6 chicks out of a dozen + 1 or 2 extras. I don't expect a high hatch rate from shipped eggs but I don't expect 0% either. What breed were these eggs? Do they all look look the pics you posted?

This is a picture of my darkest one / the only one that looks like this. The others look like the one in other post.
I was reading her reviews today and someone else posted today that their eggs did not hatch. So I dont know. Maybe bad month.

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