Al or Others--How's Your Homemade Incubator Doing?

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11 Years
Jul 21, 2008
Hi. We're just finishing our chicken coop. Next building project will be an incubator, I think.

I saw many interesting homemade incubators on here, but Al's caught my attention as we do have some old cabinets. Al, has it been all you expected and are you getting as good a hatch as from an industry-made incubator?

Same question goes out to anyone else who built their own incubator. Trying to make the decision whether or not to build it ourselves or buy a factory-made model. We hope to hatch maybe 50 birds/month for sale or replacement, so reliability is an issue.


I tried to build one but did eventually buy a used Sportsman. I couldn't get the thermostat I was using to regulate the heat. There was way to much of a fluctuation. I was using a bulb for my heat source and also put a computer fan in it to circulate the air which worked fine.

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