Alienated Duck


9 Years
Jan 19, 2011
Escanaba, MI
This morning, when I let the ducks out to go free range/tromp down to the pond, I noticed one was a bit of a straggler. I didn't think much of it, since she didn't appear hurt at all, just hanging back. Well, as the day progressed, she never joined the group of ducks. I'd never seen this before. Usually they are all ultra close to each other. In fact, when she tried a few times to get back with the others, she was chased away.

What is going on here? Do I have a bully? Did she commit some ducky atrocity and is now exiled? They even got pushy with her when I was putting them all back in the pen. I did see a drake attempting to mate with another girl duck, today. I have three drakes, three girls. In time those drakes will become dinner, like the other six I've already butchered (yea, out of twelve ducks hatched, nine were boys).
I am not sure what she could have done. I would think the other girls are trying to be "first wife" and she is just not pushy enough to fight it. mostly hope to give you a bump. I hate to see a post no one has responded to. I know how tough it is when you want answers and get radio silence.
I am sure - once your duck/drake ratio is sorted out - that you will have a happy flock again. My drake moved on & my all-girl yard is like paradise now. The hormones took over in such a gradual way I didn't realize how out-of-hand things were until they weren't anymore.

Kind of like my Crohn's disease. I felt gross for so long I didn't even realize how bad I really felt (or for how long) until I started to feel better.
Please keep a close watch on her. One of my ducks started to do that and over several days it was clear she was actually getting sick. That must have been why she could not keep up with the others.

When she did get with the others the drakes would mate with her (probably because she had been away from them most of the day). This just made her stay away more.

I recommend you to take the other drakes away....just leave 1. Then see if she is any better. If now maybe separate her and you can see if she is eating, drinking, pooping normally and not sleeping too much.

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