Alive or dead????


6 Years
Apr 23, 2013
our class trimmed a forest of cattail plants in our pond, and came across a nest of red shouldered blackbird.
Found a duck egg there, and was wondering if it is alive or dead??
It is completely dark on the other side. I don't see any veins.

Do you have any idea if what day it's on? If it were dead it would most likely be clear with a blood ring, but I think that this egg is so advanced and grown that you can't see through it. It is most likely going to hatch in the next week or so if its alive.
Definitely alive.....It should hatch within a week at most. Duck eggs usually take 28 days to hatch, that looks like it is already somewhere in the 20's for sure. Good luck and I hope it hatches!

All the other ducklings in the pond look about a week to 2 weeks old, already swimming around.

Either this is abandoned Ugly Duckling or it's dead..?
No movement at all.

(Day 2)
You probably can't see movement in there because there is barely any room left for the chick to move around. It should be hatching in the next week hopefully.

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