All 4 hens are laying!!!!!

Real McChicks

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8 Years
Jul 20, 2011
4 hens and 4 eggs yesterday....Wooohooo!

Our first layer was our Red Star Mayzie. She started 4 weeks ago at exactly 20 weeks old. Large brown egg pretty much every day.

Two weeks later exactly, our EE Gertrude started giving us medium sized mint green eggs. (My daughter was so excited to take a green hardboiled egg for lunch at school yesterday!)

One week later small tan eggs from Ruby the RIR.

Finally, sometime last week while we were on vacation, our biggest girl Oreo (a BR) started laying what look to be almost PINK eggs!

So excited that all our chickens are up and running.

No eggs from the rabbit yet.... we are hoping for Cadbury!
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