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    I noticed about two days ago when I was cleaning up my dogs poop from our yard they had something that looked like pieces of white rice in it and I remembered my brothers cat had had worms and he said they look like pieces of white rice. So now tomorrow because my vet is not open on the weekend I need to get wormer for my dogs. My question is my ducks and chickens frequently hang out in the same area as the dogs but I have examined their poop and have not seen the white rice thing in the ducks or chickens poop, but would it look the same as in the dogs poop? What wormer can you recommend for a variety of worms that work on both chickens and ducks because my vet does not take those kind of animals so I doubt they would recommend a wormer or prescribe a wormer for them. Also does anyone know how long worms can live outside the body, because I dumped the dogs poop in the bushes off to the side of my lawn. I am going to insert a pic of one of the ducks poop and see if you see any worms in it. They are all acting normal not sick like.
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    If you take in afresh sample, the vet can still examine it and tell you if they have worms. It is a matter of opinion, but I personally don't worm any animal unless I know they have worms. Some people worm just in case. But my chickens are my egg factories, what goes in them, comes out in my eggs, so I'm real picky about what they eat.

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