All alone die of heartbreak???


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Apr 25, 2010
i had a pair of Calls and our rooster for whatever reason started pecking the feathers off the back of the Drakes head...well we went out today to find him died
(((( Now we have all our chickens and only one call and cant seem to find calls anywhere! Will our girl be okay or will she die of heartbreak cuz she doesnt have him anymore?? Id LOVE to get some more ducks but cant seem to find any around here that arent in eggs
There's always Craigslist and you can ask on here if anybody is close to you that raises ducks. Sorry about your boy.
I would separate your ducks from your chickens if your rooster doesn't like male ducks and if you get another boy.
Hope this helps. good luck.
Oh dear!
Definitely seperate your duck from the rooster and I would say try and find her a new friend! There are various places to look - on the internet as has been said, but also any stores or farms near you and even if you're lucky someone on BYC may have one! Unless your heart is set on another Call, you could have any other breed, however I would advise if you are going to get another male that you stick to small, bantam breeds as a large male on top of a little female when mating could cause problems for her. Good luck!
Good News!!!

I was able to find a few new ducks!!!! Was going for one and came home with five!!
The lady I got them from was only 25 mintues away and was awesome and she even gave me some eggs to put in the incubator for free which include-4 West Indie, 4 muscovies, and 4 random chicken eggs and 4 random duck eggs
Im super excited and cant wait to see if they hatch. Any advice tips???
WOW. Excellent news! Hopefully your lonely girl will be much happier now
What breed are the 5 new ones? Calls as well? Pics please!
That is some serious duck math there.

1+5+12+4 chicken eggs=One happy poultry owner!
Yes were VERY happy!!! Just really hoping that incubation goes as well and we have a bunch of new additions in a month or so
They are all calls as well. We got Two new Drakes and a trio of Hens all unrelated from each other so its a go for breeding of we choose to do so

Ill have to take some pics when it gets a bit nicer here, looks like probably sometime this week when they are settled in and enjoying them selves in the pond/pools

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