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    Aug 11, 2013
    What a silly morning, four of the hens wanted the same nesting box at the same time, yesterday two where trying to lay at the same
    time in the same box, so today, they just laid fast jump out, one would jumped in, the hen who has been on vacation from laying eggs decided today she was going to start laying[​IMG] again but she found somewhere else to lay. I couldn't find her at first then I heard her clucking, saw where she was, she was tossing leaves over her back I watched for a few min. then picked up some leaves and throw them on her gently, at first she got up then sat down and clucked some more so I left, when I saw her with the others I went to see if she laid and egg, I had to move some of the leaves to find the egg. I made sure the others did not see me so that they won't try to nest in her secret corner of outside the coop.


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